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Четверг, 21 Май 2020

Начинаем раскручивать сайт

Well, you have already created a site. Perhaps even in uCoz. Although it is not so important. Another system will even give you the opportunity to cram a bunch of your scripts there. They copied texts from other similar sites and added their brainchild to some search engines. And now your thoughts are going approximately in this direction: well - the thing is done, the site is there, there will be clicks of users by file name from search queries.

But this, alas, is far from the case. If you copied material from another site, the search engines will ban your site. And if you’ve already been banned, then look for your resource no earlier than on the thirtieth pages of Google or Yandex.

In order to avoid these troubles and in order to raise your site, you need to do the following:

  1. Still, put your resource in order. Where to begin? Remove unnecessary, for example, video or radio online on the main page you do not need at all. Also, you do not need to clog the main page with advertising banners and an infinite number of counters (only 2-3 are enough). Necessary elements: menu, profile, download, you can - chat.
  2. If your site has a forum, then write the Rules for its users. Do not copy from another forum, but write your own. And do not pile it up, let it be better less, but accurately and competently.
  3. Remove materials copied from someone else’s site and take care of unique content: either buy or write yourself. If you speak English, then for the first case, as a tip, translate from an English site, it will be unique to our search engines.
  4. It is better to make the design unique too, or remake the existing template.
  5. To the links on the site, attribute rel = "nofollow". And do not load a large number of links or banners at the initial stage of website promotion. Better make a separate block Friends and place all the links and banners there.
  6. Do not get involved in artistic colors and different fonts. Remove big font and red color.
  7. In addition, promotion using YouTube has become very popular, and for greater efficiency, you can buy subscribers

This is for a start. But after you have done at least this, add your resource to popular search engines and do optimization. If nevertheless you copied some text, be sure to indicate the source. But remember: the more “your” text, the higher your site in search engines.

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